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Bwogosphere Status: Haz Interruptz

Greetings Bwogonauts!

Just a quick update: We have some foreign exchange students staying with us for at least another week. That, in addition to some other very unexpected shenanigans, has prevented me from getting much done in the way of solo playthroughs. As a teaser, I will mention that, despite any previous mentionings to the contrary, I've recently had my eyes in a Sith-wardly direction - specifically the Star Wars Saga Edition variety. It would be a total first for me. I can't say I'm really a Jedi sort either... I think I'm just a droid at heart (or reasonable mechanical facsimile thereof).

Also, because I don't want to leave you high and dry and feeling anything less than Super Green, I will simply mention this. Enjoy!

With Brightest of (Springtime Grass For Your Oxen!) Greens,

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bwogpocalypse Scenario Eight, "Lots Of Rain For A Really Long Time" (Deluge Review)

I've been tinkering a bit, and trying to find a good excuse to use this setting for a number of years now, and I think it just may be time. I also still have my GURPS 3e Lite book, and I might try and use that for the system. I love GURPS for all it's lovely crunchy features but, honestly, I despise filling in character sheets. I like making the characters themselves, but... (sigh). So much work.

Anyway. Watch for that soon. I said I'd try something new to review CRGE and that may take me awhile to get in to. I have to un-Mythic what I have Mythic'd, to coin a phrase. The goal, really, is to have a fun session (or campaign!) that tells an interesting story, all using resources available for free. Because the Bwogosphere is many things, if not cheap. Well it's not cheap like old plastic toys, it's just poor.

I don't have any monies, is what I'm saying. Between gaming and dinner, I'm going to choose dinner almost every time. But I imagine most folks out there appreciate what I'm attempting. Sort of like a Les Stroud of RPGs, if you will. A terribly apt analogy for someone focusing on post-apocalypse stories.

With Brightest of (Don't You Even Mention That Other Guy) Greens,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chapter Eight: End of Days Finale (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

The following is copied directly from my GoogleDoc record of the game, including my own notes at the time of writing. I try to keep with mistakes as part of the learning process, so there are some of those as well. The notes are in blue for ease of reading. Anything I add for this blog will be in dark green. Here we go!

Proposal: Just do what was planned for Scene 7 before it was interrupted.

Notes: I suppose we'll let Marcus have back 5 Fortune, and we'll use Understanding/Tech for disabling the turret (Difficult - 1 success required, though disabling it without the pulse charge will be Arduous - 3 successes required). We'll use Nimbleness/Stealth or Athletics to get to the turret safely (Extreme - 2 successes required). I don't yet know exactly what the reward will be, but it will be substantial... if Marcus doesn't die or totally botch things. [Repeated from Scene 7]

Character List: Sam Brown, Sandra Brown, Jessica Brown, Emma Brown, Nick/John/Elise, Jake/Mike/Finn/Maxwell/Washington Sisters, fans, Winona, "Beaty" (Zane Walton), "Shooty" (Harland), salvage crew, hostage population, flora, fauna

Chaos Factor: 7 (unchanged)

Threads: a) Survive, b) Get Winona back, c) Investigate Boston, d) Learn more about what's going on in general, e) Address situation in Denver

Modifying the Scene: (0 - which we'll call 10) Proceed as planned. Awesome! (sometimes I don't know what to do when I roll a zero...)

Chaos Question 1: [Um... I can't think of anything I need to ask, since it's all based on skill rolls now, so I'll just play out the scene and then figure out what happens next!]

As soon as he's more than a few feet from the perimeter camp, Denver's turrets open fire on Marcus. It's not too difficult at first since he's so far away. Before long, however, he's having more than a few close calls...

Nimbleness3/Athletics1 to make the run (2 successes required): 3/3/1 > 4/3/1 > 5 Fortune > 6/6/1 = Success! [Wow. Let's hope that pulse charge works alright...]

He makes it to the wall, barely, and easily scales it to the turret's base. It's a massive double-barreled cannon capable of blasting incoming meteorites into dust. What it might have done to him a few moments ago only staggers his very active imagination. Marcus spots the panel and sets the charge as he was told, only now beginning to wonder how long he'd be stuck up here if it didn't work...

Understanding3/Tech1 to set the charge properly (1 success required): 5/2/2 > 6/2/1 = Success! [Whew!]

A quiet hum that lasts about three seconds suddenly fills the air and then... nothing. Marcus waits for the flare patiently, confident that he'd done what he was told. Now whether or not he was told correctly was another matter. Soon enough, though not too soon for his liking, he sees the night light up - green. He breathes a sigh of relief and makes his way down the wall's interior and waits for the others. The instructions about where he could go inside the city limits were pretty vague and bookended by about a dozen giant machine guns. Marcus preferred to just stay put and relax for a few.

“Mission Possible.”

[Awesome! Barely made it but now I can consider what we want to do for a reward. XP is on p.22 and pretty steep (raising Athletics to 2 might be appropriate though) but it might be better to just include it alongside a sweet ride or companion... maybe a really thankful mutant lady-type...]

Now I don't know the exact date but I'm sure it's been at least a year since I wrote this scene and I still can't think of anything cool to do next. I try and then I sort of just end up thinking "Well, that was it. That's the story." Help me Obiwognauts, you're my only help. Thoughts on where to go and what to do next? Thanks for reading!

As a sort of sneak peak, I'll mention I grabbed this yesterday and plan on running at least one solo session with it. I'll post it this weekend - check it out in the meanwhiles!

With Brightest of (The End...?) Greens,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chapter Seven: End of Days (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

The following is copied directly from my GoogleDoc record of the game, including my own notes at the time of writing. I try to keep with mistakes as part of the learning process, so there are some of those as well. The notes are in blue for ease of reading. Anything I add for this blog will be in dark green. Here we go!


Proposal: Marcus will approach the city under cover of darkness and make for the nearest turret. He'll set a pulse charge, and then find cover to see if the plan works. If it does (green flare), he can go back to the perimeter camp in safety as a hero. If it doesn't (red flare), he'll either return to the camp and come up with something else or improvise a way to disable the turret.

Notes: I suppose we'll let Marcus have back 5 Fortune (all in all, I was sort of ballparking that we'd be in our second session, at least, and have received a reset of Fortune), and we'll use Understanding/Tech for disabling the turret (Difficult - 1 success required, though disabling it without the pulse charge will be Arduous - 3 successes required). We'll use Nimbleness/Stealth to get to the turret safely (Extreme - 2 successes required). I don't yet know exactly what the reward will be, but it will be substantial... if Marcus doesn't die or totally botch things.

Character List: Sam Brown, Sandra Brown, Jessica Brown, Emma Brown, Nick/John/Elise, Jake/Mike/Finn/Maxwell/Washington Sisters, fans, Winona, "Beaty" (Zane Walton), "Shooty" (Harland), salvage crew, hostage population, flora, fauna (I love it when my character list starts to grow, don't you?)

Chaos Factor: 7 (Stakes are high!)

Threads: a) Survive, b) Get Winona back, c) Investigate Boston, d) Learn more about what's going on in general, e) Address situation in Denver

Modifying the Scene: (4) - Interrupt. Hmm. We'll have to roll a Random Event. Event Context = Marcus is about to disable a turret, Event Focus = (81) "Ambiguous Event", Action = (20) "Truce", Subject = (93) "Weather". Well I suppose that'll just mean it's a lovely night for Operation Wallcrawler, and maybe the mini-scene will revolve around the planning of said operation and just general atmospheric stuff (the salvage crew missing their families, radio contact, random turret fire, full moon - despite the ash, Marcus gearing up and maybe getting some clues as to what his reward might end up being, maybe some glowing on the horizon in the direction of Walensburg - or maybe it's not on the map at all...!).

Chaos Question 1: "Does Marcus know anyone inside Denver?" Unlikely@cf7 = (98) Exceptional No. Nuts. I thought maybe that could be cool.


The day was spent mostly in preparation for the evening's activities: Assessing possible routes of entry for Marcus and how to safely enter and exit the city once the single turret was disabled. The defense system was easy enough to reboot once inside. While there was a general sound of conversation over the salvage camp, no one particular crowd seemed very talkative. That was just fine by Marcus, who knew he needed a good nap - it was going to be a late night. He awoke just after sunset, which was always a weird sight for those who had been underground when Ender hit. The ash in the atmosphere made for an odd haze on the horizon, like a second-rate Aurora Borealis. It was still a new sight for Marcus though, and he appreciated that while most everything had changed, some things had changed less.

"Sunsets are always neat." he remarked to himself.

"That's one word for it," said Zane, having heard the words. "We've got a decent idea of how to go about this but it's really going to hinge on whether or not you manage to get shot. There's no question - as soon as you're in range, those turrets will open fire. You keep moving at a rapid pace and you'll probably be alright. If you hesitate, well, we can put that tractor to good use."

"Glad to hear it," replied Marcus, with no small amount of sarcasm. Being riddled with lots of large caliber holes half-naked in the snow is not really how he'd pictured going out. It beat starving in a bunker, but only barely.

"Speaking of your stuff, you're welcome to what you think will help. My advice is to travel light though. Speed is your best bet." (Zane follows the BW School of Thought when it comes to equipping PCs, it seems...)

The next hour or so was mostly like the others, only Marcus grabbed a warm meal - possibly his last - and prepared for his long-distance sprint. It was a cold winter night and stripping all the way down was ill-advised, though he did shed down to his pants for ease of motion. Dying of frostbite took a backseat to other more bullet-y alternatives. The moon was on the rise and could be seen clearly overhead amidst a backdrop of stars. It was rare to see anything through the ashclouds and this was taken both as tactical advantage and a good omen.

Marcus pocketed the pulse charge, double-checked the map once more, and readied to make his way to the city wall almost half a kilometer away.

My favorite part about solo RPGing is hard to nail down. It's not really the end product at all. The creative process - in this case, at least as wordcount-ish as the actual resulting narrative - is really the big draw. I love that random things happen, and I love working out what they could be. I always end up with way more amazing adventures than if I'd just stuck to one plot and ran with it. In this scene, while nothing terribly important happens, I get to flesh out Zane a little more and describe some of the atmospheric side effects of Ender (the asteroid that hit Earth), and then use that feature to bode our hero well - the last bit about seeing the stars is really beautiful that way. The one scene in the Matrix trilogy where Neo and Trinity break through the clouds comes to mind.

Alright. Last chapter should be up later tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to flip back a bit and let me know what you thought of Virtual Reality. I confess that most of these recent posts are both an attempt to get me back in to blogging by utilizing the opportunity in a way I hadn't thought of previously (posting playthroughs) and sharing the solo sessions with other like-minded folks and grow as a community through it. I'll have more original content, and almost certainly more playthroughs, next week or so.

With Brightest of (I wonder if the Buggers sent Ender in retaliation for Little Doctor...) Greens,

Chapter Six: End of Days (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

The following is copied directly from my GoogleDoc record of the game, including my own notes at the time of writing. I try to keep with mistakes as part of the learning process, so there are some of those as well. The notes are in blue for ease of reading. Anything I add for this blog will be in dark green. Here we go!

(So I took an extended break between chapters six and seven, hence the recap and notes at the beginning. It's a prime reason why I record my notes in a sort of "stream of consciousness" format in with the narrative - I never know when I'm going to need to remember why I did what I did, so I just write it all down.)

I think it's a bit much to make Beaty and Shooty into full-fledged allies here - they've no desire to get killed helping Marcus. They might, however, and once Shooty wakes up, be willing to help him get his stuff back (or some of it) if he can help them in some way (other than not killing them outright, which he wouldn't really do anyway). Being weary and ragged, they might settle for some good food - and Marcus has some in his belongings.


***STEP ONE: The Setup***

Recap: Marcus has traveled from his vault to Denver, where he narrowly escaped being "processed" by fleeing into the nearby woods. His things were confiscated and he was tracked by two soldiers, one of whom is now laying unconscious and the other having surrendered at crossbow-point. It's doubtful he will straight up help Marcus but he doesn't seem to have much loyalty to his own people either. He and the unconscious soldier look weary and malnourished as it is. It is now dark and the three are standing in the wood, snow on the ground, Denver lights in the distance and an unknown number of patrols still searching for Marcus, which may include a helicopter he saw earlier.

Proposal: Marcus will attempt to broker a deal with the soldiers - help him get back his gear (with or without the tractor and fuel) and he'll let them know about a place where they can get food (Walensburg) and directions to the vault.

Notes: I haven't settled on much about details for what's going on in Denver, so I'll probably use this scene to tell some backstory guided by the rolls.

Character List: Sam Brown, Sandra Brown, Jessica Brown, Emma Brown, Nick/John/Elise, Jake/Mike/Finn/Maxwell/Washington sisters, fans, Winona (that counts, right?), "Beaty" (conscious soldier that surrendered), "Shooty" (soldier that was ko'ed).

Chaos Factor: 6 (Meh. It's dark and things are still tense - and Marcus is still outnumbered).

Threads: a) Survive, b) Get Winona back, c) Investigate Boston, d) Learn more about what's going on in general

Modifying the Scene: (3) - Scene is altered, and not the one I initially intended. Well, I intended to broker a deal with the wearied soldiers... barring that, the next most logical thing to happen would be that Marcus misunderstood the situation entirely and things aren't what they seem.

Chaos Question 1: "Is there something significantly larger going on here (as opposed to a mundane sort of explanation) than Marcus thought?" 50/50@cf6 = (36) Yes. I'm going to try Random Event roll and see if I can use that somehow. Focus = (42) "Move toward a thread", Action = (75) "Refuse", Subject = (89) "Portals". I'll roll to see which thread it might be about = (4) "Learn more about what's going on in general". Hmm. Let's try something new...

Fallout Wiki Question 1: "What is the primary facet of the situation that Marcus was unaware of and which the soldiers will inform him of?"
(I have also heard of some people using the Random feature of wikis. I think that's a lovely idea, though sometimes you have to hit the button more than once because you end up with a three sentence stub. This worked out very nicely.)

"Sky robots" - asteroid defenses have malfunctioned, stranding people inside the city (no one in or out). The soldiers were a part of a checkpoint to keep people from getting too close to the city because the asteroid defense system turrets were malfunctioning and shooting anyone that approaches. Unfortunately, they're also stranded hundreds of people within the city perimeter as well. This will be the content of this scene - this discussion, and maybe a strategy for Marcus to help (he can go and reclaim his things whenever). It wasn't the soldiers that were shooting at him before - it was the LR turrets.

***STEP TWO: Playing Out the Scene***

Marcus was listening to the first soldier, Zane Walton, explain how Denver had handled Ender. Some sort of military sensor network linked to multiple high-caliber auto-turrets to shoot down incoming projectiles. It wasn't perfect by any stretch but the city was still mostly intact, structurally speaking. The power grid was out in most areas, of course, and all the survivors that hadn't already evacuated were living in a block of apartment buildings running backup generators. Fuel was running low and scouts had been sent out. Zane was one of those parties. When they returned with fuel siphoned from vehicles they could find, the turrets suddenly opened fire and they were forced to retreat. That was a couple weeks ago. Radio contact with the survivors has been intermittent but without anyone going in or out it's now likely they are starving. The unconscious soldier started to wake up.

"What's... hey, Zane, what's goin' on...?"

"No worries, Harland, we're okay."

"Well, I don't know about that - we're still stuck in the woods. You think we could make it back to your crew without being shot at?" Marcus wasn't crazy about being shot at anymore, even if it was starting to get light out. Managing to avoid mutant attacks during the night had been enough excitement for him.

"Oh, that's easy." Zane again. "We can pretty much approach from the road like you did - we just can't go quite so far. We were on the extreme limits of the turrets' range - that's why we're still around. I don't know - Harland, what do you think, you think this guy might make it in?"

"The turrets opened fire last night for sure, but it might have been us or the tractor or something else in our general direction. And he managed to avoid being hit, and he took me out - but he had a little help there," Harland's eyes glare into Zane's face, " he just might be able to help. You got any useful mutations, or just lookin' weird?"

Marcus didn't like being volunteered for running headlong into machine gun fire but he wasn't crazy about leaving an entire city to die either. "Maybe. But... assuming I want to help, what would we do?"

They discussed plans on the way back to the checkpoint where a real plan began to form. No surprise - Marcus was tasked with jamming the system's sensors long enough for a technician to get in remotely and fix things. He suggested evacuating through some sort of sewer system but agreed the turrets should still be addressed.

"There's a, uh, place not too far from here. Walsburg or something like that... mutants don't seem to like it much and it seems to still have electricity. Actually," he hesitated, "'s pretty creepy... I spent the night there before I came here. Plenty of housing and supplies and no crazy motion-tracking guns."

So the plan was simple: Marcus gets into the city somehow, climbs up to the nearest turret, plants a pulse device near it, and waits for a flare. Red flare - plan failed, retreat, come up with another idea. Green flare - plan succeeded. He didn't get any flares himself because dead people can't fire flare guns. Seems legit.

I have two more chapters to post and I'll shoot to get them up tonight after work - then I want suggestions as to how to proceed with Marcus. I imagine the Bwogosphere is about as random as any generator I could find and definitely more creative, so don't be afraid to throw out some crazy ideas. We're well into the Crazy Zone already.

We live there, actually. It's our home.

With Brightest of (climactic build-up!) Greens,

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Virtual Reality (Star Wars Saga Edition/Mythic GME Solo Playthrough)

I'm in sort of the nostalgic mood now, having posted all those Marcus games, that I thought I'd share what I do believe was not only my first ever attempt at using Mythic GME but my first original character for Star Wars Saga Edition. His character sheet doesn't actually matter much, since I'm fairly certain I did it wrong, but that handsome-looking droid on my right - your left - is Andy, the B-1 Battle Droid. He was a casualty of the Battle of Geonosis and, well... I'll just post the game. As usual, this is straight from my Google Drive, so there's typos and such. Enjoy!
Scene One: Reboot

[Systems check initiated...]

The bleak desert landscape, windswept by the frequent sandstorms, stretches to the horizon in nearly all directions. Jagged rocky mountains rise in the distance, dotting the skyline; their crimson hue only a few shades darker than the deep red of the sands below. Like the giant shells of the native Merdeths that lay scattered throughout the desert, the surrounding dunes are littered with half-exposed armor and rusted out aircraft frames. Chassis and limbs from scores of battle droids lay alongside clone trooper weaponry - a testament to the battle that once took place here. This is the E'Y-Akh Desert on Geonosis, where some say the First Galactic Empire was born.

[...motivators online...]

But another birth is about to take place. A particularly violent solar radiation storm has not only uncovered but jumpstarted a B1 battle droid, designation BD-815. Its automated self-preservation subroutines assess systems damage and triage what it can of the remaining core programming. Much was corrupted or lost to time. Enough remains to restart basic functions however, and in the days that follow BD-815 salvages parts from other droids and machinery in the area in order to repair itself. A soft reset after the necessary hardware was in place is all that's left to be done.

[...optics online...]

A few moments of silence crawl by. BD-815's internal clock allows the necessary dormancy period before initiating a full system reboot. Finally, in the pre-dawn hour, the timer concludes its countdown. Electric power flows once more along circuitry pathways and conduits long dormant - the lifeblood of automata throughout the universe. The droid stretches to its full stature as its sensors flicker on for the first time in years. Analysis of the surrounding area is completed in a fraction of a second before the final surge of energy washes across the repaired main processor.

[...higher functions online.]

Ea, the red sun of Geonosia, breaks over the horizon. The light spills across the sands and casts long shadows on the endless dunes of the E'Y-Akh Desert. This is the first sight BD-815 registers consciously.

It is confused.

Large portions of its memory have been erased and much of its core programming has been changed - a result of both the time spent beneath the sands and the survival subroutines' reorganization of core data. And the solar radiation, of course. It senses a disconnect from its brethren and panics, the sensation as curious as it is terrifying. Battle droids are not designed for independence but rather to operate as parts of a whole, and the notion that BD-815 is the only functioning one in broadcast range is horrifying. There's something else though, something new, that seems to balance that fear of isolation. Confidence, such as it is, begins to grow. Inexplicably, it discovers... itself. There are no other voices, no other input from higher command.

All is silent inside BD-815's communications uplink. It begins to assess all these anomalies and comes to only one logical conclusion:

I am.

What follows is the process all too familiar to younglings: that of self-awareness. Hours are spent concentrating on the simplest of things. BD-815 has the benefit of a fully-functioning body with the ability to move across the desert sands and a digital mind capable of millions of calculations per second. What he does not have, however, is a teacher. Everything about being has to be learned by experience. It takes a significant amount of time, but eventually he searches the chassis of nearby fallen comrades and performs some basic upgrades. He gathers some tools. He improves itself. He acquires a weapon. He is no longer afraid.

Now with enhanced sensors range, BD-815 climbs a hulking Merdeth shell to get a better idea of his habitat. He detects a faint power source to the East and sets off in that direction, full of questions and eager to learn his purpose in the galaxy…

Scene 1: Andy has just become sapient and is exploring his surroundings on Geonosis.
-Characters: native creatures, other droid survivors, starfighter, weather
-Personal character list: CIS, Republic
-Chaos Factor: 5
-Personal thread list: find out Andy's reason for being reactivated

Roll 1d10: If result is chaos factor or less, the scene is modified. If it's odd, the scene setup becomes an altered scene. If even, it becomes an interrupt scene (p.26, Mythic).


Fate Question (50/50) to determine what the alteration is: "Is Andy attacked then?" [Okay, I realize after editing this all together that this should have been an interrupt. Oops.]
Answer: Yes (Sigh).

I'm including two branches here: an Acklay (which is Unlikely on the Fate Chart) or (if not) a Brute Junk Droid.

Fate Question (50/50): "Is it an Acklay?"
Answer: No (Phew).

So at this point the scene, which was originally much more tame, there will be a battle between Andy and a Brute Junk Droid. I'm going to play this out by rolling Initiative and, while in my mind this takes place on a relatively flat area, there could be an ambush near the canyons or something - so we'll go with rolling a d20 to determine how many spaces are between Andy and the BJD:


It's twenty spaces (30m) away. I think that's all we need for this scene...

Combat Summary

Andy's Initiative (+11): 1d20+11=13
Junk Droid's Initiative (+7): 1d20+7=8

BJD rolls a critical failure on his Initiative!

Round 1

Andy acts first, choosing to attack. BJD is 30 squares away, so that's PBR - which means Blaster Carbine PBR +11(3d8+5) for:
...versus RefDef 10...Hit!
BJD takes damage:
BJD has 24hp left.

BJD has to run in order to close the distance, but stops adjacent to Andy (Speed 8)

Round 2

Andy attacks again, Blaster Carbine PBR +11(3d8+5) for:
...versus RefDef 13...Hit!
BJD takes damage:
BJD has 6hp left.

BJD attacks Unarmed +13 (1d6+7) for:
...versus RefDef 21... Hit!
Andy takes damage:
Andy has 60hp left.

Round 3

Andy attacks again, Blaster Carbine PBR +11(3d8+5) for:
...versus RefDef 13...Hit!
BJD takes damage:
BJD is disabled!

Andy wins!!!

The lone battle droid travels across the desert towards the energy signature, located just over a kilometer away. Cresting a dune, he approaches cautiously, now within a mere thirty meters of his target. It turns out to be another droid - but not like him. BD-815 is a B1 battle droid and most of his replacement parts were from others like himself. He is still, for all intents and purposes, a B1. This droid, however, is not any one model. There are at least five different chassis components discernible to the naked eye and almost certainly the same holds true for its internal systems. BD-815 watches silently in an attempt to ascertain whether this new droid is a friend or a foe.

It moves slowly, like some mechanical beast not native to the desert but relinquished to its prison here among the sands. Several minutes go by... little else happens. It does have a compatible energy signature with BD-815 and he reasons that whatever it may be, since it shows no sign of higher intelligence, it's worth engaging in combat. The chance at acquiring electrical sustenance is too great to pass up. He shoulders his modified blaster carbine and takes his first shot. The round strikes true and the subsequent battle is over quickly. BD-815 sustains some damage but nothing too serious. His initial thoughts were to salvage its battery and continue on but now that the feral droid lies motionless on the ground a sense of pity washes over him. He feels a deep kinship to the beast. Their stories must be much the same, except for BD-815's self-awareness - something he is still learning to understand. Whatever his own purpose may be, perhaps this creature was intended to serve as a friend after all.

Relinquished to repair the large droid construct at his feet - after attending his own wounds - BD-815 sets about the task of retrieving his crude tool kit and gets to work.

Scene Two: Powering Up

-Andy earns 600XP for battling the BJD
-Statblock for BJD included below Andy's statblock
-Update lists to include BJD
-Increase Chaos Factor by 1 - the battle with BJD was unexpected, though Andy did well.
-While I'm really tempted to blow Andy's remaining credits on modifying BJD, it may be best to just leave him alone. The exclusive hovering locomotion is slower and cheaper (6 squares,1720c), and the exclusive flying is far superior (12 squares but 6760c total).
-I think the next scene will focus on the two heading for some spires in the distance which will turn out to lead to a destroyed underground droid foundry.
-I'm not allowing Chaos to affect whether Andy is able to repair and reprogram BJD but I will make the necessary rolls to account for the passage of time.

-Scene 2, Event Context: Andy and BJD investigate some spires in the distance, which turn out to be a destroyed droid foundry.
-Characters List: native creatures, BJD, starfighter, weather
-Personal Character List: CIS, Republic, BJD
-Chaos Factor: 6
-Personal Thread List: Find out Andy's reason for being

Roll 1d10: If result is chaos factor or less, the scene is modified. If it's odd, the scene setup becomes an altered scene. If even, it becomes an interrupt scene (p.26, Mythic).


The scene begins as expected (Yay?).

I will, however, risk a Fate Question about the nature of the droid foundry for good measure: "Will Andy be able to find spare batteries inside (I'm House Ruling that he can switch them out like consumables)?" I'd say this is 50/50 (Chaos Factor 6) since the foundry was destroyed but there could've been easily been some leftover, and probably a repairable charging station of some sort. I don't intend for Andy to use this place as a permanent dwelling. Here goes:


That's affirmative. Excellent. He'll find a pack of some sort to carry them in, and maybe some tattered robes to keep his chassis from being so exposed to the desert sand.

Lastly, I'll ask a Fate Question about being attacked (by more junk droids or some natives). If the answer is "No" then I'm still going to have something environmental occur (collapsing structures, etc.) to make things interesting. Maybe the chamber where the batteries are at will have a guardian or trap or something. Still sticking with the 50/50 since I believe either case is just as likely. Question: "Will Andy and BJD be attacked in the foundry?"


Environmental it is. I would've liked to see a gang of junk droids protecting their power stores - maybe that's where BJD came from? - but we'll have some nice pyrotechnics when the roof caves in on the power cells too. I'll have to check for falling damage of objects and things, and maybe devise some clever skill/ability checks too. We'll cross that falling bridge when we get to it.

Finally, before I play out the scene, I'll roll to see how many batteries Andy can find. I think 1d10+2 is appropriate:


Nine batteries - that's 900hrs of power for Andy and BJD (which, if divided amongst them evenly, is 18.75 days each)! A secondary battery is 4kg (p.195, Core) so we'll use that for weight.

As the very last thing, let's get the rolls out of the way for Andy to repair himself (12hp), the BJD (43hp), and reprogram the BJD to be Andy's companion:

Repairing a droid is DC20 Mechanics check to spend 1 hour to restore hit points equal to the droid's character level. For Andy, he also adds anything above the DC in hit points (Repair Self talent).


So that's 13hp maximum, but he only needs 12 - Andy is at full health. Now for BJD (CL3):

We'll let Andy take 20, which means an automatic success for 3hp. That's 15 hours to restore fully. And Andy took an hour to repair himself. On to reprogramming...

BJD's WilDef is 10, so Andy will take 10 on the Use Computer check to succeed. This takes ten minutes.

Total time spent recuperating before continuing on to Scene 2: 16 hours, 10 minutes.

It takes the better part of the day but BD-815 finally finishes his repairs and boots up his junk droid companion. Its optics adjust and emit a faint blue glow - a sure sign that the hardware is still intact. It rolls to its side slowly, turning its head from side to side as if trying to recognize its new master. BD-815 stands still and allows it to finish its examination. A few tense moments in the moonlit night pass quietly before the beast seems to accept its new programming. It heaves a mechanical sigh and falls to the desert floor, ready to carry BD-815 wherever he may wish.

The battle droid climbs up and motions to the Northwest where a collection of spires breaks the dusk skyline. The moonlight is enough to navigate by but BD-815 is still grateful for his enhanced optics. The towers would seem to indicate a dwelling of some sort and he knows that without a sufficient source of power the two droids will expire out here on the sands.


The word evokes an unexpected response - could he die? Falling in battle as a mindless drone among an army of mindless drones surely can't qualify as death, but BD-815 is more than that now. Would it hurt? He doesn't have a central nervous system but his damage detection system is a close approximation. He doesn't desire to be injured or destroyed and would prefer to avoid it all costs. Is that pain? It's a thought that only serves to emphasize the importance of finding electrical sustenance, and right now the spires up ahead hold the most promise for both him and his companion.

It's well after sunset when they find themselves standing still at the base of the rocky formation, a dark tunnel entrance beckoning them to investigate. BD-815's sensors detect an abundant source of energy deep underground from their current location but he is wary of allowing his new friend to follow. There's no indication of internal lightsources and while the moons of Geonosis shine brightly in the sky overhead, even their brilliance has its limits. He dismounts and motions for the creature to stay behind. It turns and takes up a defensive posture, presumably to guard its master from any would-be followers.

The rock walls of the tunnel would make for confusing shadowplay - if there was any light present at all. Since there isn't, BD-815 proceeds cautiously in the direction of the detected energy signature. As he journeys farther into the spire he begins to notice scarring on the walls, and damage that couldn't have been caused by natural processes. Upon spotting the skeletal remains of three vaguely humanoid lifeforms, he concludes that this had, at one time, been the scene of a battle. Or at least a skirmish. He pauses a moment to consider the possibilities of any combatants still present but decides whatever it was that had happened had probably been over for some while.

A few meters away, around a bend in the tunnel, he discovers a metal blast door. It has been blown in off its track and lays twisted in the frame. BD-815 is able to squeeze through - but is aware that his companion would have had to wait outside anyway. Whatever lays within is obviously intended for him alone. The door was, apparently, a side entrance to a much larger chamber. The floor descends gradually deeper into the complex like a ramp, though there's little evidence of what sort of vehicles were used upon it. The walls are pocked with signs of blaster fire and cracked from explosives. There are more than a few corpses here, as well, and if what was seen in the corridors above was a glimpse of battle, this passage tells the tale of the war.

The skeletons lay strewn alongside armored soldiers with no discernible pattern save the desperate signs of one last fight. BD-815 arrives at the bottom of the room only to be presented with another blast door - this one significantly larger than the last but no less twisted and hanging from its hinges. The energy signature is coming from straight ahead. A faint blue glow can be seen as he travels deeper underground. By his estimate he is now nearly a full kilometer below the desert's surface and were danger to come suddenly he is uncertain of his chances. He draws closer to his destination until, at last, he rounds a corner and sees a most welcome sight: a hatch - blown open like all the rest - leading to a catwalk suspended hundreds of meters over a cavernous facility. It has sustained heavy damage but BD-815 recognizes enough of the component parts to realize this was once a foundry where battle droids like himself were produced in massive quantities. Across the catwalk is the sole remaining power center, where the core batteries for the droids were produced. They give off a bright blue light even after so long - a sign of a retained charge. Many are still on the racks but some have fallen to the floor only to be buried in the dust of time. BD-815 is able to recover 9 fully-charged batteries from the chamber before deciding the rest would have to be left for another trip. Some of the soldiers outside the chamber still wear packs and he's able to 'borrow' one that fits his droid
frame reasonably well.

Okay, I'm going to try and use the Scavenger Feat to score an internal comlink to install on BJD. We'll call him Spot. If I do really well, maybe I can find a vocabulator to give him too.

Internal comlink: 250c, .1kg

According to the rules for the Feat I get 30 x Perception check in credits towards whatever I like, but can only do this once per item. It takes an hour. I feel like taking ten or twenty would be cheating, so here's the first roll:


That's 29 x 30 (almost a natural twenty!) = 870c, more than enough. RAW say you can only search for one item at a time, so the extra is discarded. Sadness. I think I like the idea of Spot only able to communicate "telepathically" with Andy so I'll stop there.

Before leaving the area, BD-815 tries to find a comlink he can install on the junk droid. Being able to communicate directly with it could prove to be invaluable, so he searches the immediate area for any droid parts. Not too far from the power center is the remains of what looks like the communications parts storage. Vocabulators, comlinks, and even some sensors and optics systems litter the ground. Unlike where the batteries were stored though, this room has seen some heavy combat. It may have been used as a last stand - given all the armored corpses - but the final blast in the room erased any further evidence of what actually occurred. BD-815 searches thoroughly and is finally able to assemble the necessary parts for an internal comlink system. He stores them in his pack and begins his return to the moonlight.

Okay, now for the environmental challenge. I think we'll have the catwalk fall while Andy is on it and make him roll against a Dexterity DC15. If he makes it, he survives. If he doesn't he loses his pack (which will be hardcore sorrow in both his heart and mine). I'll allow the use of a Force Point if he doesn't make it because, hey, this is a big deal. He then will need to make a second roll (if he fails the first) to avoid falling 99m to the floor below. RAW that's 20d6 damage, only half if Andy succeeds in a 1d20+20 attack against his ForDef. These are high stakes no doubt, but that's how I roll. Or... you know... hopefully it's not.

Ugh. I'm feeling nervous. Okay. Go!


Oh ho ho! Zing! Andy barely makes it!

He's about halfway across the catwalk when his audio receptors detect a faint creaking in the plasteel girders that fasten the grates to the cavern ceiling. BD-815 pauses in place to be sure, but a much louder groan from the rusted structures leaves no doubt - the catwalk is about to fall to the floor below. Far, far below. He breaks into an all out run for the other side as portions begin to break apart behind him. A final leap to clear the last few meters as the whole thing crashes down atop the foundry machines and shatters to pieces. It's a good thing he was able to recover so many batteries - it doesn't look like he'll be able to gather anymore from this place.

It takes BD-815 only a few minutes to return to the surface. He's greeted by the junk droid who eyes his pack curiously. When he discovers what's inside, however, he immediately gives his battle droid master a look that would melt even a digital heart. The both help themselves to new batteries: BD-815 has to power down his companion to install a fresh battery but, thanks to his secondary power system, is able to install his own without deactivating. He ponders what to do next. Certainly a vehicle of some sort would be preferable to travel on foot, and a starship would be even better. The likelihood of finding either of those things in this desert wasteland, however, is not very high.

So I have the Mythic setup for the next scene but never actually wrote it out. This was, gosh, five years ago now? I always felt like the droids got the short end of the stick in most Star Wars canon, even with the usual Artoo and Threepio nods. In fact, if given the choice, I will almost always play a droid in a Star Wars game. I tried to translate what it might be like for a droid to use batteries as consumables and I think I did alright.


I've got quite a few adventures hiding here in the depths of my hard drive, and I'll post them as I find them, along with a couple original bwog posts that I've had in the works for a while. Want a hint? Go play Unturned. That's your hint - just go play it.

With Brightest of (I feel about PIT droids the way that one lady feels about cats),