Monday, December 31, 2012

Bwogcraft #1 (Minecraft Game Review)

So Minecraft is basically the best game ever.

It's essentially an infinite source of LEGOs in a world-shaped arena with weather, animals, crops, and passage of time. And creepers. I was gifted a game code... goodness, was it really two years ago?... and I've played the junk out of it. I started a game last night with the seed "The Blogosphere" and this is a shot of my simple log house after about an hour of play. I started out pretty much where the little piggy is and in the distance you can see a Testificate village. It's a bit dangerous, as the ground it spawned on is uneven and some buildings aren't reachable without building some stairs of some sort, but it's chock full of the handsome guys just waiting to trade me stuff for more stuff. I'm playing on Peaceful which means there's no baddies and no hunger and I'm doing that primarily because I want to so deal with it. I'll switch settings at some point, okay? My goal is to keep this world going longer than a few days (because I like starting out brand new and get bored easily) and bwog about it from time to time.

I tend toward simple builds using logs and cobblestone, sometimes with dyed wool for carpets, and windows. I like to let vines grow on the house and since this one is made of jungle wood it just makes sense. I'm also trying to get some lovely soil up on my roof to make a garden up there for some potatoes and carrots and wheat. The village has garden boxes of all of those but I prefer to have my own veggies of course. Underneath my floorboards is what can only be dubbed The Bwogcave. It's twisting tunnels lead you down, down, down, until - a mineshaft! I haven't explored it much yet, though they're usually a good source of trinkets and preciouses. Did I mention the blacksmith in the village had three diamonds? Score.

So that's Minecraft in a blocky nutshell. I plan on updating regularly, along with Skyrim and a couple other cool games, so stick around! If you're interested in checking out The Blogosphere world firsthand, let me know - I can open up my Hamachi server and you can visit!

With Brightest of (Exploding Creeper) Greens,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bwogyrim #1 (Skyrim Game Review)

Just played Skyrim for about an hour (I'm at the bear, if that's any indication to how I'm savoring the experience), and here's my initial observations:

1. I'm playing an Argonian. It's been my favorite race since Morrowind, and really even in Daggerfall. Beast races in MW couldn't wear full-face helmets or boots. That's pretty game-changing right there (especially when there's a pair of boots that grants levitation just by putting them on), but it always bothered me that their tails just sort of poked out of the back of whatever pants they were wearing. There's literally been no effort whatsoever to address this from a design standpoint - and it continues in Skyrim. I'm not being ultra-picky here either. My character's head is full of spiny horns that magically disappear when he puts on a hat and both of his swords utilize Time Lord Technology to somehow fit into the same sheath - can we not harness that power to make my flexible tail tuck under my robe or put a flap in the back of the armor or something? If you're going to limit my gaming experience with something like "You have a lizard nose so you can't wear a helmet with a face-shield," but allow my tail to just glitch through my greaves like no one play-tested using two of your ten playable races, shouldn't you then include some sort of cool perk that the other characters can't have? A plague that only kills Humans, available as part of a quest to Khajiit and Argonians only, should totally be part of the deal.

2. Why do the skeletons in the dungeon have gold on them? Maybe they were hiding the coins in their skull cavity, but I think the guards would have taken it by now (they're sort of jerks like that). And when you figure that out, maybe you can explain how the spiders are carrying pocket change too?

3. Some of the menu navigation is obviously not ported well. I'm using the keyboard instead of the mouse just because it's much easier, and that kind of seems like a pretty basic thing to tweak. Not a big deal, just weird.

Those three points aside (and I can't say they hinder my experience in any measurable way), the game rocks so far. Dual-wielding is going to take some getting used to, but the stance looks totally rockin', as do the Argonians in general. The opening sequence wasn't entirely new to me (I said I didn't own the game until today... I totally looked up videos on YouTube for the entire first week it was out though), but I did really jump at one point with the dragon. Well done Bethesda. Now get to work on my T-Virus DLC.

With Brightest of (Argonian) Greens,

The One Where BW Introduces Himself...

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to the Bwogosphere, readers, and prepare to be amazed at all the wonderful bwogs in store! For now, be content to wait just a little longer... like until BW has had some sleep and is better able to tweak the site to your Maximum Viewing Satisfaction. He is currently (and finally) downloading Skyrim and will be posting updates on his adventures there, among other things. It's possible you may find him on Steam where his moniker is the same (the only real competition for another "BWS2K" was Breakfast With Santa 2000 which, while he's sure was a great time, almost certainly makes for less interesting bwogs), or on his soon-to-be-forthcoming Facebook page!

With Brightest of Greens,