Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Omega Girl: Preamble - Where Have All The Band-Aids Gone? (Apocalyptia Solo Playthrough, SGAM 2016)

The second annual Solo Gaming Appreciation Month is nearly upon us and here I am all rusty with my six-sided dice! I built a character using the Apocalyptia system (which I've blogged about before) and set my mind to try out a Global Pandemic scenario. I'll be fudging a couple of the more vague rules but it seems heaven-sent for folks like me (us!) who want to adventure into the Wasteland all by our lonesomes. Combat is always brutal though, and this particular scenario makes medical supplies scarce - and humans even scarcer. The fact is that if you roll and encounter humans of any kind, you have to roll again to confirm (otherwise it's a wild animal). I like that. Twenty bottlecaps says I still run into a gang of cannibals though.





The setting will be an unnamed city looking not unlike the one in I Am Legend (minus the hemocytes) located in the North Eastern United States during the current season (November 2016). My hope is to set things up so that I can make a daily entry to crunch numbers. In a daring new move, I'll keep plot to a minimum for the sake of quantity over quality, at least to begin with. My aim is that, over time, a story will unfold organically. We'll see how that turns out (spoiler: you'll know when a plot comes into view).

So stay tuned: I'll be getting a head start so that I can (fingers crossed) get a blog entry in once a day or so. And away we go!

With Brightest of (I even did some writing ahead of time for this one!) Greens,

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