Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Omega Girl: Epilogue - Birth Of A Dead Man, pt. 3 (Apocalyptia Solo Playthrough, SGAM 2016)

November 2nd, 20XX
Location: Station
Time: 0600
Weather: Beautiful sunny day (+1 Luck)

While sleep did not come easy for Vincent, it did eventually come - followed by hunger. The cold was bearable under a bright sun but he wasted no time in securing food and water before gathering materials to better insulate his tiny shelter against the elements. Sadly, there wasn't much left to do afterwards but attempt another uneasy slumber. It was an uneventful day and he somehow feels uneasy about his luck. How long until it runs out altogether?


We have two main goals for today - foraging for food and water, and insulating the backroom. Bonus goal of gathering some parts for a wood stove and starting to store wood to burn. First run lasts 2hrs and nets... actually I'll use that bonus Luck point to get an exploding 6, followed by a 1, which if a definite success netting me 5 Water. Again, spending (ouch!) 6hrs, burning a Luck point to get 5 Food. Well... not bad, but it's now 1400hrs and we'll eat one of those meals and bring the other 4 sets back to base.

1415: Raid some more cars for insulation. Takes 2hrs to get 2 parts. Again, 2hrs for 1 part. Again, 2hrs for 2 parts. One more time for 1hr and 3 parts. Bring those back to base and put it with the others, now a pile of 14 parts. It's 2115hrs. Time for bed.


Not long, is the answer.

With Brightest of (don't worry, it'll get better... sort of) Greens,

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