Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Omega Girl: Epilogue - Birth Of A Dead Man, pt. 1 (Apocalyptia Solo Playthrough, SGAM 2016)

I like to include a sort of stream of consciousness as I'm gaming, even during the character creation stage. This is the first one I built. I cut out some of my really extraneous notes but you'll see what I was going for - someone that was tailor-made for foraging on his own. One of the big pieces to the game system is crafting a base though, which is a lot harder than it sounds. We'll learn that lesson tomorrow though.


CREATING VINCE (who will be my first character, which mean focusing on survival via scavenging, which is Perception, maybe with high Luck)

Step 1: Vincenc Eutychius Kr├╝ger, 6', Caucasian, dark hair and eyes, thirty-three

Step 2, 3: 12pts to assign to Traits, (Brains x 6)pts to Skills
Agility 3
-Acrobatics 1
-Larceny 1
-Range 3
Brains 4
-Build 4
-Medicine 4
-Science 4
Constitution 3
-Melee 3
-Survival 4 (Forage +1)
Demeanor 2
Stealth 3
Perception 4
Athletics 3
Socialize 2

Step 4:
Speed = 6
XP = 4
Carry = 18
Luck = 2
Defenses = Block (3), Dodge (1), Reflex (4)
Health = Head/Arms/Legs (3), Torso (6)
Weapon ATK = (Melee or Range + whatever mods)
Psyche = 5/6 dots

Step 5: Abilities (use Brains x 6 = 24pts)
[9] +1 Luck
[9] Unorthodox Methods (use Brains for Survival)
[3] Specialize +1 Forage
[3] Favorite Weapon Compound Bow

Step 6: Gear
Clothes, Backpack, Knife, Food can, Water bottle
Armor = [5,4] Shinguards
Melee Weapons = [3,5] Knife
Ranged Weapons = [2,2] Compound Bow w/2 target arrows
MGL = [2,4,4] Dust Mask, [4,6,1] Pepper Spray, [5,2,4] Rollerblades

This... is a more awkward assortment than I usually get even. Rollerblades might be helpful, kind of, in a city... and two knives? The entry for compound bow confuses me - I think it's trying to say something about requiring a Constitution roll to Aim it but I'm not sure - so we'll just ignore that detail. Two knives means whittling more arrows I guess, so that'd be some sort of Build roll. Hmm. Weird. Well, on to actually making the sheet!

[Several hours of a lazy Friday later...]

Okay, so that's done. Not sure how I'm going to update things daily but we'll worry about that later. There's not a lot to track. I think I'll start out just waking up on the roof of a hospital, wearing a jumpsuit, shinguards, and backpack and with the knives in belt sheaths and bow in a sling (yes, those exist) on my shoulder. No memory of how I got there (don't worry, I have a plan...ish...), so down through the hospital we go!

...and there you go. It's always interesting for me to go back and read what I was thinking at the time in light of what happens later. Not everyone digs these sorts of details but I really think it's important, especially in a situation like this where I'm really just striving for creative writing prompts, to take copious notes about everything in the moment. Later, if I need a plot point or an arc or something, I can review why I did what I did. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I just chuckle and reflect how much I probably have in common with a loner on the brink of insanity wandering through the world in a daze.

With Brightest of (don't get too attached to Vince... just sayin') Greens,

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