Saturday, April 16, 2016

Journey of Jack, Day Two (Apocalyptia Solo Playthrough)

Here we are, months later, and I'm only now getting around to posting the second day for Jack. I did three days in total and sort of lost the interest on the fourth day (I'll explain why when we get to it) but I was considering using the Undead Rising scenario to re-boot things and just figured I'd at least post what remained for Jack. I like using Google Maps along with Apocalyptia to track the actual distances traveled. You can mark things like places of interest or where events occured, as well as get inspiration (there's an airport nearby maybe, or a forest, etc.) from the actual satellite images. I really enjoy that sense of immersion and the challenge of keeping the story grounded in actual locations. Here's what happened to Jack after waking up the next day and, like last time, I'm not bothering to include my rolling - though I did use that Mythic GME variation I've mentioned before (Morning Coffee Solo Variations) a bit.

Last night was… restful. Got to know some of the other ladies in the squad. Their names all start with the letter “A” and I’m not sure if that’s just an amazing coincidence or something the Amazons do. Who knows what factions do for initiation? Addie took some of us into town to grab parts for water filters. There’s a creek nearby but nobody wants to end up a mutant so we need some kind of system to purify the water. They say they’ve done it before and showed me the parts we need. I can’t imagine the water will actually taste good but I suppose at least it won’t be a bacteria slushie. We saddled up - Addie, myself, Alissa, Anna, and Angela. The rest stayed at the house. They got some action when a few walkers showed up but we didn’t even get that. Some wild dogs took a run at us before Anna chased them away with some rocks and shouting. Again, the noise piece bothers me. Every time someone revs and engine or fires off a shot, or screams at a wild dog, I just imagine dozens of ears honing in on our location. It’s why I try to stay on the run.

So all in all, we were able to grab enough filters and piping to set up one of those gravity filtration things. They have to be changed every few weeks, according to Addie, so it’s only a temporary set up, but it’ll work for now. I can’t say I helped much - I held some of the piping while a couple ladies assembled all the important parts. It took a while and I think everyone was on edge because of the attack on the house but we finally finished just after sundown. We celebrated with some of the worst water I’ve had in years. Next thing on the list is food. There’s a school in town and those usually have something - vending machines, canned slop in the cafeterias, stuff like that - but no one I’ve ever met gets excited to go inside. The walkers were clearly just children and only raiders enjoy battling them. We’ll see what Addie has in mind.

Looking back, I can see where I was already grasping for a cohesive plot thread. There's also more focus on Factions and Settlements in the 1st Edition, and I hope to explore that more. Whether that will be with Jack or a new story altogether, I don't know.

With Brightest of (Bacteria Slushie) Greens,


P.S. Yeah, I dunno why it didn't format the same as below. Probably Zombie Hackers.

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