Sunday, March 1, 2015

Prelude: End of Days (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

Unintended side effect of writing a blog and then forgetting about it - you can go back and read it a year or two later and laugh at your own jokes! Seriously, I did that. Is that lame? Probably. NOT. I'm, like, really funny, guys.

Moving on...

I game. Sort of. I know, right? Most of the time it's singleplayer games and that extends to the realm of tabletop RPGs. It's a terribly interesting process and really approaches, at least for me, creative writing. I do have a couple folks that I've teamed up with at various times and then it gets into creative collaborative storytelling, which is also extremely fun and awesome. I suppose that might depend on who's on your team but my peeps are great and we work well together. There's a lot of tools out there for solo gamers doing what I do and I've mentioned some previously on this blog. My most "successful", in that I was able to both accomplish what I set out to do and that I stayed interested afterwards ('ol BW doesn't have much of an attention span, for those of you new to the Bwogosphere - like this one time he forgot about his own blog for, like, a year or something) was actually something of a rescue attempt. It started as a D20 Modern play-by-post game where some players decided to literally just start shooting at each other. Or, well, the used their characters, but you know what I mean. Ruined the game right quick. The GM and I were pretty confused and sad because we'd been having a great time (I was having a blast with my character and I think he was really enjoying the setting). There's this great system ("great" in this case means fun, easy to learn, and free) called Atomic Highway that really handles the post-apocalypse motif really well. Very Mad Max with a healthy dash of mutants. So I translated my character from the D20 game as best as I could and picked up his story using Mythic GME. I won't lie - it was some hard work at first, but really turned out quite enjoyable. I'll be posting bits of it later on.

Probably in about, oh, say fifteen minutes? Yeah. Or after breakfast. Soon anyway.

With Brightest of (Because Ocarina of Time Was The Only Real Choice) Greens,

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