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Chapter Two: End of Days (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

The following is copied directly from my GoogleDoc record of the game, including my own notes at the time of writing. I try to keep with mistakes as part of the learning process, so there are some of those as well. The notes are in blue for ease of reading. Anything I add for this blog will be in green. Here we go!

This will be Marcus' first time leaving the bunker since being hurt. Alone, he'll venture to the farmhouse in the morning with all his things to scavenge anything he can and then head East using his roadmap and compass.

-Chaos Factor is 5.
-Rolled a 9 for Scene Modification: Scene proceeds as planned.
-Chaos Question 1: "Will Marcus be attacked?" (50/50) - Yes. [Maybe a dog of sorts - a Blood Hound (p.110, AH)]

Combat Summary:
BH gets Initiative!
BH attacks Marcus!
Nimbleness(4)/Brawl(3): 2/2/2/3 > adds 3 to the 3 for 1 Success!
Marcus attempts to dodge using his Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 3/6/3 > reroll the 6 > 6 > reroll the 6 again> 5 for a total of 2 auto-successes and then adding the 3 to one of the 3's for another success (total of 3 successes!)
Marcus dodges the attack!
Marcus attacks the BH!
Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 6/3/3 > reroll the 6 > 4 > total of 2 successes (6, 3+3)!
BH attempts to dodge using Nimbleness(4)/Athletics(3): 5/5/4/3 > total of 2 successes (5+1, 5+1)!
BH dodges the attack (just barely, using the superior attribute since they tied on successes and higher skill)!
BH attacks Marcus!
Nimbleness(4)/Brawl(3): 3/5/2/2 > 1 success (5+1)!
Marcus attempts to dodge using Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 5/2/6 > 2 successes (6, 5+1)! *should re-roll the 6
Marcus dodges the attack!
Marcus attacks the BH!
Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 6/2/4 > re-roll the 6 > 3 > total of 2 successes (6, 4+2)!
BH attempts to dodge using Nimbleness(4)/Athletics(3): 3/6/1/2 > re-roll the 6 > another 6, re-roll > 2, for a total of 3 successes (6, 6, 3+3)!
BH dodges!
BH attacks Marcus!
Nimbleness(4)/Brawl(3): 3/1/1/5 > 1 success!
Marcus attempts to dodge!
Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 3/6/6 > re-roll a 6 > 5, re-roll the other 6 > 6, re-roll that one again > 3, for a total of 4 successes!
Marcus dodges!
Marcus attacks!
Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 5/5/1 > 2 successes!
BH attempts to dodge!
Nimbleness(4)/Athletics(3): 2/1/5/1 > 1 success... BH is hit! Marcus' bat does ((M+4L=6L) x 2 successes=12dam))
*Okay, I was using Nimbleness for Marcus' attacks and I think I should have been using Muscle. Oops.
BH has 2hp remaining!
BH is knocked prone (+1 dificulty) and brought down more than half of natural health (+1 difficulty)!
BH attacks Marcus!
Nimbleness(4)/Brawl(3): 6/2/5 6/6/4 6/3 > 6 successes (6, 6, 6, 6, 5+1, 4+2) > minus difficulties becomes 4 successes!!!
Marcus attempts to dodge!
Nimbleness(3)/Melee(3): 1/5/4 > 2 successes > using 2 Fortune to gain two more successes for a total of 4!
Marcus dodges!
Marcus attacks BH!
*switching to appropriate attribute (muscle)
Muscle(2)/Melee(3): 2/3 > 1 success!
BH attempts to dodge!
Nimbleness(4)/Athletics(3): 1/3/2/4 > 1 success > minus difficulties (2) > failure!
BH is hit! Marcus bat does ((M+4L=6L) x 1 success=6dam))
BH is destroyed!
(I like to roll out an entire combat first, making small notes as I go, and then just summarize the whole thing in the narrative. I find it flows much smoother that way.)
There's no reasonable way Marcus can get into the Safe Room and if I had enough Fortune I would have spent it to do so, but since I don't, I won't. I'll still roll to scavenge anything else in the farmhouse before moving on. I'll give myself 3 rolls, 1 Farm and 2 Home and move on after lunchtime.

Scavenge roll Farm 1: Senses(4)/Scavenge(3) > 3/5/3/5 > 2 successes - 2/1 (Tractor?!), 3/1 (Large Fuel Tank w/50-300gal. Gasoline or Diesel) [Ah-MAZ-ing! Rolling 1d6 and multiplying by fifty - (6) - 300gal!]

Scavenge roll Home 1: Senses(4)/Scavenge(3) > 4/6/3/1/4 > 2 successs - 6/4 (Griddle Pans), 1/4 (5 Glasses)

* I'm going to change the last roll to a Foodstuffs roll

Scavenge roll Foodstuff: Senses(4)/Scavenge(3) > 2/6/5/6/4/5 > 4 successes - 5/4 (2 Gallon Bottles Cooking Oil), 1/4 (5gal Tub Corn Syrup), 2/1 (2 Bottles Red Wine), 1/5 (6 Bags Dried Beans)

[Well that was actually amazingly successful. Lemme take a look at the stats for a tractor... Apparently the John Deere 7230 Premium has a capacity of 66gal (optional) and burns at a rate of what I'm going to say is 7gal/hr. with a maximum AH speed of 1 (which seems, for real-life, to only be about 20mph). I'll say that it starts fully-fueled, and that the fuel drum is mounted - this may take Marcus a little time to do but will ultimately be way worth it. If we put the bunker near Alamosa, CO, he can travel on interstates easily.

49pix = 2mi
371pix from Alamosa to 160/150 junction (15.1mi)
72.2mi from Alamosa to Walsenburg (@20mph that takes 3.5hrs)
*There's a Power Plant right outside the city off of 160E.]
(And that's one of the strengths of Atomic Highway, in my opinion - it's very generic when it comes to things you can just Google and hash out on your own but it does still give examples for what kinds of vehicles might fall under the "tractor" category. Here, I looked up a few and landed on something very specific which, in turn, strengthened my narrative by making it more personal.)
After a night of restless sleep, Marcus awoke, packed his bag with everything useful left in the bunker - which wasn't much - and headed for the farmhouse. Winona at the ready, he made his way slowly through the ruined building, remembering what had transpired not too long ago in that very spot. The stains were still fresh and a light snow had fallen through some holes in the ceiling. It was the picture of hopelessness but at least it was mostly sunny. As much sun as could make it through the ash clouds anyway. One of the walls suddenly gave way, crashing to the ground. From within the cloud of dust, ash, and debris down the hall came a haunting howl - and then a creature lunged straight for Marcus.

"Whoa puppy!" he shouted, deflecting the attack with his bat. The creature was undaunted and the two began circling slowly. "I don't suppose you'd sit for me, would you?" The battle lasted a few tense minutes but eventually Winona was able to land a few solid hits on the mutant hound, sending it into unconsciousness. "Oh, so you know 'play dead' then. You should've said something earlier!"

Marcus' efforts at scrounging pay off in spades as he discovers not just some odds and ends that managed to elude previous detection but a fully-fueled tractor parked in a shed out back. Mounted on the back of it's frame was a small tow crammed full of steel drums and plastic containers of diesel fuel. Surely, Christmas had come early this year. Marcus packed the tractor, wishing it wasn't such an open frame and that it had a little more gusto to it but grateful to not have to walk all the way to civilization. He grabbed a snow shovel from the shed to clear a path to the main road and started out for a town labeled Walensburg on the map. It was about seventy miles away. "At a top speed of... twenty miles an hour... that should only be a few hours!" he said, trying to be optimistic. It didn't really matter how long it took as long as he was able to find some sort of shelter once the sun set. Sure enough, he could see lights on the horizon as he approached the town. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that lights meant power and power was a good thing - not something many places were likely to have anymore.

He decided that driving in might be a little to auspicious. It might not be prudent to show off all the fuel and the working tractor without knowing whether these were friendly neighbors or not. Doing his best to hide it and his supplies off the road just within site of the city limits, Marcus took a chance and started to do a little reconnaissance.


Maybe I'll try and track down Marcus' background and such too. It was a ton of fun to write up and occasionally becomes relevant. It's Winter, there was an asteroid that hit Earth, wreaking havoc and mutating many - including Marcus, despite his being in an underground bunker for a year. The first excursion outside the bunker was to a nearby farmhouse. They found a heavily armored door - the "saferoom" - and never opened it. Atomic Highway allows the spending of Fortune (think Plot Points or Character Points or whatever else) to change facets of a scene and if I'd had enough, I could've cashed in and somehow cracked that door open. I didn't so I, um... didn't. Marcus was attacked by a demon horse with wings and six legs or something in that first trip (before Shooty and Shooty Two ruined the game) and nearly killed - I used that as a way to further his mutations. You can read it in the link I provided in the Prelude. You may have already, if you've been reading the blog since this morning...!

With Brightest of (John Deere Tractor) Greens,

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