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Chapter One: End of Days (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

The following is copied directly from my GoogleDoc record of the game, including my own notes at the time of writing. I try to keep with mistakes as part of the learning process, so there are some of those as well. The notes are in blue for ease of reading. Anything I add for this blog will be in green. Here we go!

Picks up days after the shootout. Jake, Mike, the three Washington sisters, Finn and Maxwell all leave for various reasons. Nick, John and Elise are the nomads fleeing Daybreak refuge point in NC, heading West "since the Feds lost control", to Haven as part of the Re-Build Project and they've left as well, traveling with the rest of the group. Sam, Sandra, Emma, Jess and Marcus are all left at the bunker with limited supplies and faced with what to do. (this is all stuff that happened in-game previously)

Scene Proposition: They're going to have to talk about plans - head East (which will be rough but is where Marcus, at least, is from) or head West (and possibly catch up with others and Haven). There's also the matter of the farm house and safe room.
-Marcus' character list is: The Browns, The Nomads, and Fans.
-Chaos Factor is 2.
-Rolled a 5 for Scene Modification: Scene proceeds as planned.
-Chaos Question 1: "Will the Browns stay with Marcus?" (Likely) - (99) Exceptional No.

[Junk. Well I guess this will mean they have to split up. With a result like that, they'll have to head in fairly opposite directions.]

-Chaos Question 2: "Is the split amicable?" (Very Likely) - (59) No.

[I think maybe I'm doing these questions wrong. Either way, they'll have to have a falling out of sorts. The obvious difference is Marcus' mutation, but is there anything else? Supplies? Sam is an honorable guy - maybe he's just looking out for his family. Maybe something in the Safe Room is most appropriate. I'll go with that.]

-Chaos Question 3 (modified): "Does the Safe Room somehow contain access to a vehicle (a truck or van for the browns, a gyro for Marcus, fully-fueled and modified to include extended tanks)?" If it doesn't it will have some food and basic supplies, but the weapons will go with one or the other parties. This is fifty-fifty, Marcus low (1-49) - (94).

[Junk. I think I messed that up, but we'll say it's a truck for the Browns to take since it doesn't matter. Marcus gets some food but has to walk. Maybe I'll just ignore this question entirely.]


"I see what you're saying, Marcus, I really do. I just don't think it's a good idea. I mean Nick and those guys made it pretty clear that heading East is a bad idea." They'd been talking it over for hours now, leaving the bunker, and it all came down to where to go. Sam, and by extension everyone but Marcus, wanted to travel West. Marcus was from Boston though, and wanted to at least investigate things a bit more before trusting three vagrants.

"It could easily be a trap though, Sam. What if Nick wants this bunker for himself? What better way to get it than just hide out nearby until we're gone, or dead, and move in? Haven would be a great destination - if it even exists."

And so it went until the talking turned to shouting and the shouting to ultimatums. Eventually Sam and his family packed their things and left without much in the way of a goodbye. Marcus had a few rations and his own belongings, plus whatever he could find in the bunker... or the farmhouse.

"The Farmhouse of Death..." he thought to himself darkly.


I suppose I'll post Marcus' character sheet, such as it is. It's the Atomic Highway version though, so you'll get a peek at that if you didn't already download it (which... why haven't you done that already?):

Marcus Okin, twenty-seven year old lizard survivor of Ender.

Mutations: Night vision, Stealthy (Stealth 6 for moving quietly), Swift (Athletics 6 for running), Wall Crawler (Athletics 6 for climbing), Leaping (Athletics 6 for jumping and leaping, as far as 3yds up or 10yds across with no roll required), Enhanced Senses (Senses/Notice 6 for hearing, smelling, spotting things)
Flaws: Mutant, Cosmetic Flaw(s)

Muscle 2
Understanding 3
Tenacity 2
Appeal 2
Nimbleness 3
Toughness 2
Senses 4

Health: 12

Athletics 1, Boat 2, Brawl 1, Criminal, Drive 1, Heal, Intimidate, Lore 2, Melee 3, Notice 2, Persuade 3, Pilot 1, Ride 1, Scavenge 3, Shoot 3, Sleight, Stealth 1, Survive 2, Tech 1, Zoofinity

Rearing (Nomad), Pursuit (Lore Keeper)

Vehicle: John Deere 7230 Premium tractor (66gal option), dinghy (*), 300gal diesel fuel

Gear: 8-track player and 8 tapes (classic 80's rock), 3 sociology books ("Reality is Broken", "Influence Without Authority", and "Your Best Life Now"), 3 DIY books (Timelife's trilogy of home-based projects), 2 CDs of classical music (Disney collection and best of dubstep), 2 military books (one is a WWII aircraft book, the other is a basic survival handbook), magnifying glass, 5 pens, empty record book, backpack, 2 rolls of duct tape, multipurpose tool, first aid kit, standard binoculars, compass, standard flashlight, map (road atlas), sleeping bag and parka (modified into his current attire with his hoodie), 2 walkie talkies, 5 drinking glasses, a set of griddle pans, 2 rugs (I'm going to say these are throw rugs, a Hello Kitty one and a Batman one), 1 pillow

Food: 2 gallon bottles cooking oil, 5gal tub of corn syrup, 2 bottles red wine, 12 bags dried beans, 1 can of meat, 2 packets black pepper, 1 bottle ketchup

Weapons/Armor: Winona (bludgeon/blunt/vicious, M+4L), 9mm handgun (medium, 8L, 12rds), knife (M+2L), 2 light rifles, 1 light ballistic vest (medium armor, protection 4)

And now I'm laughing at something I wrote again. Hello Kitty? Awesome!

With Brightest of (Reality is Broken - buy it, read it, give it away) Greens,

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