Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chapter Four: End of Days (Atomic Highway Solo Playthrough)

The following is copied directly from my GoogleDoc record of the game, including my own notes at the time of writing. I try to keep with mistakes as part of the learning process, so there are some of those as well. The notes are in blue for ease of reading. Anything I add for this blog will be in green dark green. Here we go!

So the next big city would be Pueblo, to the North, and that's 51mi away (3hrs). Then 44.5mi to Colorado Springs (2hrs), and then 68mi to Denver (3hrs). And if the other two cities are mostly just traveled through (and Walsenburg as well) then Denver should be something ultra-important. This would, in theory, and approximately, use up his first full tank of gas - bring the extra supply to 234gal. Because of the airport, I imagine a heavy military presence and lots of refugees. Maybe there's an area cordoned off for just military - like with airport access and such - and the rest of the town is full of people who decided not to leave, but it's mostly like slums. There's little to no interaction between the two groups because the soldiers will pretty much shoot on sight. The slums are largely ruins from attempted takeovers of the airport, none of which were successful. Upon entering the city limits, Marcus will be spotted and challenged at the checkpoint. He will quickly be escorted to be "processed" like all the other visitors, his possessions being taken from him and he being disarmed. He will likely attempt to flee into the night, though without any gear.

-Chaos Level is 5 (approaching night, military presence in the area) (This probably should have been at least a 6...)
-Rolled 10: Scene proceeds as planned.
-Chaos Question 1: "Is Marcus challenged upon entering the city?" (Very Likely) - (85) Yes [Barely].

So I'm just going to have Marcus escape Matrix-style off into the night by a combination of dodging and leaping and whatnot. He'll just have the clothes on his back though, and his lovely mutations, with which to retrieve Winona (and the rest of his stuff if possible).

After driving nearly all day, Marcus finally reaches Denver. It's getting dark - a tractor isn't exactly the most speedy of vehicles but it still outperforms a sedan in snow and post-apocalyptic ash-covered highways - and for the first time since Walsenburg he can see lights. There's even a helicopter landing a good ways off at the Denver International Airport. Aside from its slow pace, the tractor makes quite a racket chugging along the road and Marcus is greeted by heavily armed soldiers on all sides.

"Greetings, officers. A lovely night to be out for a drive, isn't it?"

They don't get the joke.

"Sir or ma'am, I'm going to ask you to please step away from the vehicle right now." (lol - they can't tell because of the being-a-lizard-man part!)

"Oh, of course. I didn't realize we still had valet services. It's nice to see such dedication to a job!" His words are just to buy a little time - Marcus shuts off the tractor and tosses the keys to the lead soldier, distracting them all just long enough for him to jump off into the snow and make a break for it. The bullets fly by all around him as he sprints for the treeline.

"Not even a 'stop or I'll shoot'? These guys are no fun at all!"

He makes it to cover safely, for the first time aware of just how much his transformation has affected him. Marcus is grateful.

"Grateful to be alive, less grateful that they took all my stuff. And... kinda miffed that they took Winona. I mean the tractor, sure, whatever - it's just slow and hasn't ever saved my life. Winnie and I go way back though, so of course I'm going to have to go get her back. When they stop shooting at me."

...which of course he does because duh. Would you leave behind your only good baseball bat, even if she hadn't saved you from certain death at the hands... paws... whatever... of a mutant farm dog? Come on. Be realistic.

With Brightest of (not-so-bright because some Bwognauts possess enhanced vision that allows them to see body heat and flowers as they truly are at the expense of comfortably viewing my ultra-green notation) Greens,

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