Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bwogpocalypse Scenario Eight, "Lots Of Rain For A Really Long Time" (Deluge Review)

I've been tinkering a bit, and trying to find a good excuse to use this setting for a number of years now, and I think it just may be time. I also still have my GURPS 3e Lite book, and I might try and use that for the system. I love GURPS for all it's lovely crunchy features but, honestly, I despise filling in character sheets. I like making the characters themselves, but... (sigh). So much work.

Anyway. Watch for that soon. I said I'd try something new to review CRGE and that may take me awhile to get in to. I have to un-Mythic what I have Mythic'd, to coin a phrase. The goal, really, is to have a fun session (or campaign!) that tells an interesting story, all using resources available for free. Because the Bwogosphere is many things, if not cheap. Well it's not cheap like old plastic toys, it's just poor.

I don't have any monies, is what I'm saying. Between gaming and dinner, I'm going to choose dinner almost every time. But I imagine most folks out there appreciate what I'm attempting. Sort of like a Les Stroud of RPGs, if you will. A terribly apt analogy for someone focusing on post-apocalypse stories.

With Brightest of (Don't You Even Mention That Other Guy) Greens,

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