Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bwogosphere Status: Haz Interruptz

Greetings Bwogonauts!

Just a quick update: We have some foreign exchange students staying with us for at least another week. That, in addition to some other very unexpected shenanigans, has prevented me from getting much done in the way of solo playthroughs. As a teaser, I will mention that, despite any previous mentionings to the contrary, I've recently had my eyes in a Sith-wardly direction - specifically the Star Wars Saga Edition variety. It would be a total first for me. I can't say I'm really a Jedi sort either... I think I'm just a droid at heart (or reasonable mechanical facsimile thereof).

Also, because I don't want to leave you high and dry and feeling anything less than Super Green, I will simply mention this. Enjoy!

With Brightest of (Springtime Grass For Your Oxen!) Greens,

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