Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Bwause 2 (Just Cause 2 Completed... Sort Of!)

I finally beat Just Cause 2 the other day. Well, sort of... I finished the main story and entered Mercenary Mode - where I can finish off the 70% of the game I haven't done yet. To be honest, I've uncovered most of the locations (but not all) and just have to work my way from boring shantytown to boring shantytown collecting Blinking Silver Boxes of Obsessive Compulsive Goodness. Of course I've banked a ridiculous amount of money because for the first three dozen hours I didn't use the black market at all. In a game about blowing things up and hoarding collectibles, it's hard to actually spend something you earned to get something that you know will eventually catch fire, run out of ammunition, or get shot up. What I'm trying to say is that in a fictional world of blowing things up for money my biggest enemy is my frugality with the fictional currency.

It's hard to argue against it though, when clipping an enemy patrol car can result in helicopters materializing out of thin air with infinite bullets and rockets just waiting to be hijacked. I mean... why buy the flying death machine when you can re-channel destruction for free, right?

With Brightest of (There's Even A Tracker For Flying Close To The Ground Apparently) Greens,

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