Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chronicles of the Bwog, Character Generation Part II

Name: The Bwog
Physical Form: Android (outwardly human in every respect)
Origin of Power: Technical Procedure

Fighting: Excellent (16)
Agility: Remarkable (26)
Strength: Remarkable (26)
Endurance: Excellent (16)
Reason: Excellent (16)
Intuition: Monstrous (63)
Psyche: Monstrous (63)

Health: 76
Karma: 142
Resources: Good (8)
Popularity: 0

-Elemental Allergy (Mercury), Power Negation, Continuous With Contact (openly exposed to within twenty feet of more than one ounce of element)

-Solid Matter Animation (RM, 26): constructs travel at 6 areas/90mph across the ground or through the air, do Power Rank damage to targets, retain Material Strength (APB, p.17), Lifting Strength equal to Power Rank, can be used as stunts (turning an opponent's weapon against him), range of one mile, mass of up to thirty-thousand pounds, any reshaping is permanent.
-Hyper-Leaping (IN, 36): fifty feet straight up or across/seventy-five feet down, four areas/60mph in a quick series of leaps, make a green Reason or Intuition FEAT (whichever is higher) every ten leaps to make sure of a safe landing (nothing gets crushed).

Talents 2/8: Chemistry, Wrestling

Contacts 3/3: Creator(s), 2 open slots reserved for later

BackgroundIn the year 2525, over ninety-percent of the planet's landmass is a scorched wasteland dotted by vast debris fields from centuries of war. The oceans have become toxic and nearly all wildlife has died out or survives only in some drastically mutated form. The few human settlements left are in enormous climate-controlled enclosures or deep underground cave systems. Whatever battles once raged across the surface of Earth, they are long over - and we all lost.

One of the smaller communities, located on the island that used to be called Manhattan  is home to a number of brilliant scientists and their families. They get along better than most settlements and have very little hardship beyond what is expected of self-sufficient living. Originally there were only a few hundred inhabitants, but that was over two centuries ago and the number is now closer to a thousand. Everyone has a role to play. The Bwogosphere, named after its founder and chief architect, is one of the only places left in the world where children can have a healthy and happy future, free from the crime and pollution so often present in other settlements.

One of the lead scientists in the area of applied chemistry, Jack Okin, is putting the final touches on a project largely unknown to his community for over ten years - he is building a time machine. More precisely, he's building something to go through it. There's only enough fuel for one use - there will be no return home from this journey, and no one knowledgeable enough to operate the machine can be spared. Knowing the relative fragility of flesh and bone, Jack has designed and built a synthetic life-form endowed with a digital consciousness to send through the portal and accomplish a single task: save Humanity from itself. Every byte of data possessed within the Bwogosphere's super-computers has been transferred into its artificial brain, along with meticulous notes from Jack on how things may have gone wrong and how to prevent the endless wars that have nearly wiped out life on the planet. The being itself is neither flesh nor machine, neither alive - in the traditional sense - nor dead. It will travel back in time, alter history, and set things right for the future. What this means for Jack and his fellow survivors is unknown...


BW's thoughts: I had a couple ideas for his background but I think it's best to just let all that come through naturally. Regarding Bwog's entrance - I kind of like the possibility of appearing in the tunnels below Manhattan and interacting with the Morlocks first off. I never much liked them, but it might be a good start that isn't totally exposed - a way for Bwog to be introduced into present-day slowly. Also, the character is going to have gained his powers mysteriously through the time travel process, and I went with mercury as his weakness since I originally misread that section (water is not an element the way Rules As Written intend for an element to be selected) and because it's something that isn't too rare so as not to be a decent threat but uncommon enough to be able to walk down the street without fear of suddenly being exposed to it. I discovered Deathlok not too long ago and really liked the interchange that happens between him and his body's artificial intelligence. In that way, I think I'll have another unintended consequence of the journey be that the android gains an independent personality and mind alongside the original digital one. It'll be neat to allow for that same sort of exposition to happen without any others, and it allows for him to still maintain his creators as a contact - the digital intelligence amounts to the sum of all human knowledge at that future point, but with huge gaps due to all the events that have transpired in the last five hundred years. Should be good times. I've been reading over the combat section and I think I might have a couple little skirmishes just to get the hang of things. All that remains is to determine who'll be my first victim...

With Brightest of (smelly city sewer) Greens,

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