Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just Bwuase 2 Glitch Of Joyness (Just Cause 2 Mini-Update)

Life has been pretty quiet for ol' BW this week in the gaming department. A couple hours with Beedub in Skyrim and some casual gaming elsewhere was about it. I also started a play-by-post using the d20 Modern system which I'm wicked pumped about but I'll report on that later in the week with a broader bwog on RPGing in general.

Oh, and I discovered this glitch in Just Cause 2 where you start with a mini-gun all by myself.

Fill the rest of this post with the noise of unlimited ammunition screaming across a lush tropical landscape and making splodeyness of anything that comes close to Scorpio as he climbs through the Heat Levels faster than a Panau soldier on a motorcycle.

With Brightest of (Unlimited Ammunition) Greens,

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