Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fallen Bwarth #2: Launch of the Bwogonaut! (Fallen Earth Mini-Update)

Ladies and gentlemen of the Bwogosphere, I give you... Bwogonaut One!

Yes, I haven't played Fallen Earth since I bwogged about it and yes, I was disinterested in my old character so yes, I made a new one. His looks aren't terribly striking, partially because I had my little bwoglings helping me (there are currently three of them that love to watch me play anything on the computer). I plan to take a break from Skyrim for a bit and just play FE for awhile, so if you see me hanging around don't be shy (or stingy with the cotton - I love making flannel shirts)!

With Brightest of (Post-Apocalyptic Sunrise) Greens,

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