Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bwogyrim #5 (Still Chatting With Luke Skywalker)

Picking up where we left off...

BWS2K: Well one of the things I hate about Skyrim, which seems like something that they would have reverted back to MW style, is that picking up a book reads it.
BWS2K: What if I don't want to level up a skill yet?
BWS2K: It doesn't make the same difference in Skyrim as it did in the other games I don't think, but still.
BWS2K: And why the FLIP don't you have a writable journal yet?
BWS2K: Little things like that.
BWS2K: A journal I can write in, and take screenshots in too, would rock - and not be that difficult I don't think.
BWS2K: And the tail thing. And guess what? You can wear faced helms as beast races... WHICH MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.
BWS2K: You literally need to go through my screens and see Beedub wearing one of these. His beak just, like, disappears.
LukeSkywalker: ah role playing
BWS2K: That doesn't impress me at all.
BWS2K: lol, yeah.
BWS2K: It's just like - we have categories for everything under the sun, and one of them is Action-Shooter with RPG elements.
BWS2K: And that's what this is, mostly. But I'm cool with it.
BWS2K: And only a dozen hours in, so I have to remember that too. lol
BWS2K: The whole idea of saying "You're playing an RPG... but instead of choosing a class, you do whatever you want - and you'll get better at it!" only works ... brbv
LukeSkywalker: well now I must go play skyrim!
BWS2K: ...only works if you have a complete misunderstanding of what an RPG is to begin with. Minecraft allows you to do whatever you want, Skyrim says "You can do whatever you want and get good at it!" when they should really be saying "You start out crappy at everything, if you want to get better at something - do it over and over again!" ... which is not an RPG.
BWS2K: It's glorified grinding.
BWS2K: with dragons.
I think this it's pretty obvious that I have some pent up issues when it comes to Skyrim and I doubt Luke will be able to help much. I do have one more portion of the chat I can post tomorrow and then we'll have a nice review... and then I promise to take a week off Skyrim. Sort of.

With Brightest of (Maybe Morrowind Was Better?) Greens,

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