Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bwogyrim #2

This is Beedub the Argonian. He likes dual-wielding steel daggers and running around in his loin-cloth, but for the sake of practicality (and decency) he wears Light Armor and runs away from anything more dangerous than a wolf. He did  manage to beat up some draugr with their own weapons recently, barely, and appreciates the sunlight - and un-undead baddies - so much more now. He also bought a horse who was subsequently killed by a troll, henceforth he has declared vendetta on all trollkind. Luckily, he forgot to save anywhere near where the murder occurred and had no choice but to go back to way before the encounter. Way before.


My biggest weakness (other than making new characters without progressing down any major storylines ever in any game) is that I tend to make my characters travel light. Extremely light. I call it roleplaying but really it's just being suicidal. I imagine I could carry a hundred pounds of gear with me all the time too, but how else will you experience the sheer terror of facing a fort of elemental mages with only, say, two daggers and no healing potions in the middle of the night? This picture, for instance, represents Beedub carrying the Light Armor he's wearing, two steel daggers, and I think maybe a set of clothes. That's pretty much it. Also... he's level 6 and I haven't bought any Perks yet.

You see why Beedub's Horse met her death so quickly.

With Brightest of (Evil Troll) Greens,

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